Casting Hilary’s Alters

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When the Devil Knocks, our film about DID, is built around 40 hours of videotapes recorded during our main character’s psychotherapy sessions. As filmmakers, that access into a character’s absolutely most intimate secrets was the absolute gold that we knew we had to mine. The challenge was to create a device that could take the audience even further, through the little therapy room, into the world inside Hilary’s mind, the multiple reality that she lived. Hilary had expressed finding it absolutely freaky that her alters (i.e. different personalities) all looked like her. That’s simply not the way she experienced life as a “multiple”. So, with some trepidation, we decided to cast actors as Hilary’s key alters…only we asked Hilary to choose the right people. We figured that way we’d get it as right as we could, plus we’d get to see Hilary coming face to face with her “selves”. You can see a little of what happened in the video below.

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