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We Paid for All Our Meals

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Al Carbone is an old-school restaurateur in the midst of a rapidly-changing world increasingly dominated by cookie-cutter chain outfits. The Kit Kat, on Toronto’s King Street, couldn’t be more different. Most days Al can be seen greeting each and every customer on their way in – seating the women, hanging up jackets and subtly pushing

Lionel is Charmed

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Toronto’s Chief Planner Jennifer Keesmaat is not only a smart cookie, she’s a tough cookie. The first day we filmed with her for The Condo Game, a biting wind and cold winter rain were driving down Yonge Street. Given that she was on camera, she likely wasn’t as bundled up as she ordinarily would be,

Risky Business

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One of the biggest challenges we had producing The Condo Game was finding condo owners willing to share their stories on camera. We had access to experts with literally thousands of condo owners on file, owners who had problems with their units. People were happy to spend hours on the phone, talking about issues with