World Premiere of When the Devil Knocks

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It’s official! Our film, When the Devil Knocks, will premiere October 13th at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival and we’re absolutely thrilled.

When the Devil Knocks is the story of a woman suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality. Protagonist Hilary Stanton gave us unlimited access to videotapes of her psychotherapy, filmed over 10 years. The result is an extremely intimate documentary that takes the audience inside what’s undoubtedly one of THE most fascinating mental disorders.

Being “multiple” is very hot in the dramatic TV world right now, with the popularity of the “United States of Tara” on HBO – and Global unveiling “Shattered,” with Callum Keith Rennie, as a cornerstone of its fall line-up. But only documentary can reveal the true nature of this baffling illness. Check out the website for When the Devil Knocks.

6 Responses to “World Premiere of When the Devil Knocks”

  1. Sandy Watson

    I live in Utah. Will the film be available to view in Salt Lake City?

    Sandy Watson,LCSW

    • Bountiful Films

      Hi Sandy, thanks for your interest. We don’t have anything scheduled for Salt Lake City at this point, but please sign up for the newsletter on our main page – we’ll let everybody know when we have screenings/air dates.

  2. Kelly

    I attended this premiere tonight, and want to use this opportunity to express to Hilary how powerful and moving this film was, and to sincerely thank her for taking the chance to expose her life in this film. I felt such compassion for the abuse you endured, but likewise felt such joy as you overcame that past to enjoy life now! I also wanted to share that I think your purpose for permitting the tapes to be made into a film, to promote understanding, was well served. I know I will never forget those powerful images, and your ultimate triumph!

    • Bountiful Films

      Kelly, thank you so much for taking the time to write to us, and we are pleased you enjoyed the film. We will pass your message on to Hilary.


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