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A Word from Hilary’s Therapist

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I am thrilled with the outpouring of positive responses to the documentary and to the radio interview about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) with Anna Maria Tremonti on The Current the morning When the Devil Knocks ran on The Passionate Eye. I’ve heard from therapists who work with DID clients, spouses and partners seeking information for

In Memory of Hilary Stanton

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A month after a truly triumphant appearance at the Vancouver Film Festival in October 2010, Hilary Stanton died in a car accident in Mexico. Director Helen Slinger, and the crew of Bountiful Films, came to care deeply for Hilary during the production of When the Devil Knocks. We are honoured to have known her and feel

Casting Hilary’s Alters

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When the Devil Knocks, our film about DID, is built around 40 hours of videotapes recorded during our main character’s psychotherapy sessions. As filmmakers, that access into a character’s absolutely most intimate secrets was the absolute gold that we knew we had to mine. The challenge was to create a device that could take the