Hilary’s Moment at the Film Festival

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The Vancouver International Film Festival in October 2010 was an absolute high for Hilary from beginning to end.  I thought she might be nervous given that, when we first met, she was very afraid that people seeing her story would think she was crazy. But she wasn’t scared at all – she was happy and excited and ready to take on the world.

We sat beside each other during the premiere screening and, okay, during the first few minutes we were both a tiny bit anxious about whether the audience would engage.  But any apprehension dissolved as we realized the theatre was absolutely silent, except for laughter at appropriate times.  People were fully engaged with Hilary’s amazing journey.

When the film ended, there was a huge spontaneous standing ovation and I could barely get Hilary to the front of the theatre – she was so overwhelmed with emotion.  Not only did people believe her story, they loved her, and wanted to show it.

I’m so sorry Hilary’s not with us to watch her story on The Passionate Eye  January 26, but I’m sure glad she had a chance to experience how people react to it, and to her.  Here’s what she wrote to me when she got home from Vancouver:  “I’m still on a buzz from last week and everyone here has seen something about it on TV or paper.  I haven’t.  If you hear anything will you let me know.  I can’t wait until our next adventure together!!!!!  There will be one won’t there??  Love, Hilary

-Helen Slinger

When the Devil knocks airs Wednesday, January 26 at 10pm ET and PT on CBC News Network’s The Passionate Eye.

For the trailer and more on the film go to www.whenthedevilknocks.com

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