No more waiting – Hold Your Fire airs Thursday

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The jury has finally begun deliberations in the trial of the Toronto police officer charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting of Sammy Yatim – the young man on the streetcar in the summer of 2013. This means that Hold Your Fire can finally be broadcast.

Even though it had been thoroughly lawyered with the trial in mind, CBC considered it too powerful to air during the trial. It’s been somewhat painful for us, waiting to get going on publicity for what we believe to be a useful addition to an important national conversation.

And we know it’s been difficult for the people inside the doc who so generously gave us their stories to then wait…and wait… The wait is over – Hold Your Fire will definitely be on the air this Thursday night January 21st @ 9 pm on CBC Firsthand. Now that the jury’s out, we can also show you the trailer.


Jackie Christopher with a scrapbook documenting her son’s death in a police shooting

Paul Boyd on the right, with his father, nephew and sister

Michael MacIsaac with wife Marianne

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