Helen Slinger one of BC’s Most Influential Women

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Helen Slinger

Bountiful Films’ Helen Slinger has been named one of ‘British Columbia’s 100 most influential women’ by the Vancouver Sun.  Helen was recognized in the Arts and Culture category.

Helen’s “filmmaking is all about taking a grabber of an event and turning it on its head,” according to the Sun‘s Daphne Bramham, about digging deeper and ‘looking for real meaning beneath surface shock.”

We’ll second that!  Look no further than Helen’s most recent film, the shockingly intimate When the Devil Knocks.

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3 Responses to “Helen Slinger one of BC’s Most Influential Women”

  1. Carolyn Morris

    Helen – I was absolutely THRILLED to read about this in this Sun. Congrats! I love this recognition and feel awesome just through association with you! Carolyn

  2. Lee

    Hi Helen,

    just a word to say each & everyone of Hils friends / associates are in my thoughts 🙂

    Take care, Lee ( Irene’s sister)


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