Announcing New CBC Cat Documentary

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Helen Slinger and Maureen Palmer, two admitted “crazy dog ladies” who also have a warm place in their hearts for kitty cats, announce a new commission from CBC Television’s flagship documentary program Doc Zone: “Cat Craze.”

From the time of the Pharaohs human beings have been fascinated with the elusive nature of cats. Millions of us keep cats close to us, and love them because they never seem to let us get too close. We value their independence, their wildness, and we don’t entirely want them tamed.

We like the idea that when the cat goes out at night, he lives an ancient hunter’s life that we have long ago abandoned. Our reluctance to see past the romance to the reality has made Felis Catus one of the planet’s most invasive species. It’s no longer just Tweety Bird who has a problem. Cat Craze is a search for sanity in a cat crazy world, where we will see past the romance to evolve a realistic relationship with cats. Cat Craze airs fall 2010/winter 2011 on CBC’s Doc Zone.

We’re heading up to 100 Mile House to trap feral cats! How successful will we be? Check back here in a few days…

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