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In the Media: The Truth About Female Desire

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Maureen’s new film, The Truth About Female Desire, is making news! See what Canadian Press has to say about it here And listen to Maureen on CBC Vancouver’s Early Edition here Watch The Truth About Female Desire Thursday night, February 12, @ 9 pm on CBC Doc Zone.    

The Truth About Female Desire

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When was the last time you saw a 50-something woman attend an oral sex workshop, on national TV?  Or a 40-something divorcee admit her fondness for dominance and submission play? Or a married senior citizen reveal how she found a lover on craigslist? That’s the kind of frank talk you’ll hear in The Truth About Female Desire, which

Resources for Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents

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Would you like to know more about the people and the programs featured in Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents? You can watch all the ‘extra’ videos on the playlist we created on our YouTube channel Visit the websites for the interventions we featured (and a couple we couldn’t squeeze in because of time): Triple P Parenting:

A Thank You

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Someone needs a big huge pat on the back tonight. Her name is Caroline Butler. She is the wizard behind Bountiful Films’ outreach to promote our films. Her work on Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents was outstanding. I’ve never felt so many Canadians connected with a Bountiful Films documentary. I also want to single

In the Media

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Maureen Palmer was a guest on CBC Radio’s The Current. She spoke about the documentary, and two other interviewees from Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents took part, too. (Rob Santos of Healthy Child Manitoba, and parent Karen de Montigny)  Listen to the full interview here. Here’s a review of the documentary in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Closing the Word Gap

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If you read our post from Saturday you’ll remember that there is a link between socioeconomic status and the number of words a child will know growing up.  Inequality gap, meet word gap. With life success so closely linked to language ability, scientists are looking at ways to close the ‘word’ gap between poor kids and kids

How We Decided Which Interventions to Film

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of early-learning programs in Canada. So how did we decide which programs to profile? This was a very tough decision, as there are several which deserve national attention. We used the criteria below. 1/The programs had to be evidence-based and have decades of data supporting them. The original participants in