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8-Mike-Pond-and-Maureen-PalmerDon’t miss Bountiful’s next film, Wasted, Thursday January 21st, 8pm, on CBC’s The Nature of Things.  The premise: Maureen follows psychotherapist Mike Pond, a recovered alcoholic 5 years sober and Maureen’s partner, as he searches for the best new evidence-based treatments for addiction. At least that was the premise. Shortly after filming began, Mike drank again, which made the search for new treatment options very personal and urgent, because in the past the go-to treatment -AA and the 12 steps-didn’t work for him. He needed something else. “After the relapse Sue Dando, The Nature of Things executive producer, urged me to get in front of the camera, because how I dealt with the relapse became an essential part of the film,” says Maureen.  “I’m the director and a character in my own film. I’ve never felt more conflicted in my life. The storyteller in me knew the relapse made for a much more compelling film. Yet the more we came to understand what causes addiction, the more we realized continuing to film actually made Mike’s condition worse. How does it all turn out? Tune in on the 21st to find out!

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