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No more waiting – Hold Your Fire airs Thursday

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The jury has finally begun deliberations in the trial of the Toronto police officer charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting of Sammy Yatim – the young man on the streetcar in the summer of 2013. This means that Hold Your Fire can finally be broadcast. Even though it had been thoroughly lawyered with

Wasted in The Georgia Straight

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Here’s the full article – Maureen and Mike interviewed by the Georgia Straight:

Wasted – on The Current

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Maureen, Mike and Dr. Evan Wood were on CBC’s The Current to discuss Mike’s relapse … and the new medications that helped him recover. Listen here:

Director’s Diary – Mike Drank Again

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I can honestly say I never saw it coming and I never thought I’d have to deal with it. In our first round of filming, the experts told us alcohol use disorder is a chronic relapsing condition and yet it never occurred to me it would happen to Mike. How smug of me. The night

Hold Your Fire postponed – again

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So sorry to announce that Hold Your Fire has been delayed again. Final arguments were right on schedule in the trial of James Forcillo, the Toronto Police officer accused of 2nd degree murder in the 2013 shooting of Sammy Yatim. The jury was scheduled to begin deliberating early next week but the judge is ill


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Don’t miss Bountiful’s next film, Wasted, Thursday January 21st, 8pm, on CBC’s The Nature of Things.  The premise: Maureen follows psychotherapist Mike Pond, a recovered alcoholic 5 years sober and Maureen’s partner, as he searches for the best new evidence-based treatments for addiction. At least that was the premise. Shortly after filming began, Mike drank

New air date – Hold Your Fire

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This is the documentary that was originally scheduled for broadcast in October…the day before, CBC decided to pull it because of the ongoing trial in Toronto of the officer charged in the shooting death of Sammy Yatim. Hold Your Fire was made with the understanding that its broadcast might well coincide with the trial. Of