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Since 2000, Bountiful Films has delivered documentaries that illuminate the most pressing issues of our times. To quote beloved author Carol Shields our work, “shortens the distance between what is privately felt and universally known.”

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Bountiful wins big at the New York Festivals

January 2016, two Bountiful Films docs aired-back to back on the CBC – Helen’s Hold Your Fire on CBC Firsthand, and Maureen’s Wasted, on The Nature of Things. This little doc duo struck gold at 2017 NYF International TV &...

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Up Next: Feb 9, Lost On Arrival: Me, the Mounties and PTSD.

A new film by Helen Slinger for CBC’s Firsthand. Watch the...

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Bountiful is Nominated for 2 Canadian Screen Awards

Helen Slinger’s Hold Your Fire for CBC’s Firsthand and Maureen...

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Canadian Mental Health Association Conference: B4SStage4 

Maureen speaking with partner Mike Pond at Canadian Mental Health...

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About Us

Helen Slinger & Maureen Palmer each has a background in mainstream journalism – print, radio & television. When not working on their own films, both are in-demand story editors, scripwriters, content developers for digital sites and public speakers about the issues explored in their films.

In 2010, the Vancouver Sun named Helen one of B.C.’s 100 Most Influential Women, saying “Helen Slinger’s filmmaking is all about taking a grabber of an event and turning it on its head. She deliberately digs deeper, look for real meaning beneath surface shock.” Helen does this with a combination of empathy and a truly remarkable command of the narrative. She artfully weaves together complicated storylines, delivering a nuance that eludes most.

Maureen’s insatiable curiosity and indefatigable energy often carry her to the front of the pack on major issues facing our society. And she has a near supernatural ability to convince her subjects to share their most difficult moments on camera – whether they’re parents in the middle of divorce or her life partner revealing his battle with the bottle. Maureen believes in people, and their stories, and so they believe in her.